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    Treat your skin to the gentle touch of oriental rose, as you cream away unwanted hair. And say hello to beautiful, enviable skin.Anne French Hair Removing Creme Oriental Rose not only gently removes your hair but also leaves you smelling like the delicious rose petals. It even moisturizes your skin and is a must have if you believe in having the best!Anne French Hair Removing Creme Oriental Rose is a perfect fit for those looking forward to smooth and glowing skin. It can be easily applied and yields wonderful results within minutes.

    How to use: You must shake the bottle well before use. Then open the bottle and apply the cream evenly on the skin from where you wish to remove the unwanted hair. Spread it well and do not rub it. Wait for at least seven minutes for the cream to take action and then gently remove it using lukewarm water. Afterwards, dry your skin properly using a towel and discover your skin that shines brighter than the stars!Precautions: You must not use this material on cuts, wounds, broken or inflamed skin. In case this happens. Immediately wash the affected area with lukewarm water. It is meant for external use only. It should be stored in shade i.e. away from the direct sunlight. Also, for those who are using this cream for the first time, perform the ‘put-on’ test. Apply this material on small part of your skin, inner elbow is recommended. If your skin remains normal even after 24 hours after performing the test than you can safely use the cream. If any irritation persists, discontinue using.