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    Catch products have become the pick of connoisseurs of taste across the nation with the introduction of Catch Sprinklers. The dull looking table salt that had the tendency to become soggy & clogged in humid conditions went under a complete metamorphosis and reclaimed its place on the table top with all new attractive looks and easy to dispense packaging. This makeover owes itself to the unique production process and an advanced dispensing unit that neutralized moisture and kept salt free flowing to ensure a clean and trouble free sprinkling.

    The encouraging response to this extremely smart & stylish product encouraged the company to extend the table top taste-makers to a wide variety of add-ons like black pepper, black salt, chat masala etc. The unmatched quality of spices, handpicked from the fertile lands of country, blended and ground with low temperature grinding techniques ensures that they reach you in their natural taste and aroma. Catch Sprinkler has been chosen and recognized as a ?Superbrand? commanding a premium brand image & enjoys a leadership in the category of Sprinklers available in variety of pack sizes and types to suit the diverse needs of the consumers.