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    The ideal Vanaspati is semi solid, off-white in color, slightly granular in texture and has a pleasant aroma and taste, it should easily melt on heating and leave behind no residue. It is made either from a single oil or from a combination of oils. It has excellent frying properties and is the preferred cooking medium for preparation of fried dishes and sweets.

    Why Dalda Vanaspati:

    Good Taste: The superior quality of the vegetable oils with high unsaturation points and stringent controls maintained on the refining process ensure that Dalda Vanaspati imparts a distinctive flavor to food cooked in it.
    Vanaspati aroma: The optimum and extended hydrogenation that Dalda Vanaspati is subjected to ensures that Dalda Vanaspati has a superior aroma to its competitors.
    Firmness of consistency: The higher levels of unsaturation in the raw materials used and the extended hydrogenation ensures the semi-solid consistency of Dalda Vanaspati. Care is also taken to ensure that the melting point of Dalda Vanaspati is within the Government-set upper limit of 41 deg.C.
    Quickness of melting: The quickness and uniformity of Dalda Vanaspati melting during heating is proof of the superior quality of Dalda Vanaspati. The extended hydrogenation gives Dalda vanaspati its lower level of crystallised fat and sharper melting behaviour.
    Mouthfeel: The higher level of unsaturated oils and the sharper melting behaviour of Dalda Vanaspati ensures that food cooked in it gives a clean rather than waxy mouth-feel.
    Homogeneous product with no solid-liquid separation: Strict controls ensure that the Dalda raw materials are of consistently high quality and combined in the optimum proportion to give Dalda Vanaspati a homogenous consistency, with minimal solid-liquid separation. The optimum combination of raw materials with differing melting points ensures that Dalda Vanaspati remains uniformly solid at lower temperatures and melts uniformly at higher temperatures.
    Well-defined grainy look: The oils selected for Dalda Vanaspati and its processing have the capability to give more crystallised fat at lower temperatures and less crystallised fat at higher temperatures. This, in turn, will help generate better-defined solids during maturing of the final product with minimum liquid holding in the crystal matrix. Hence, the product will appear grainer and not have a smooth waxy look.
    Easy cleaning of vessels (no stickiness): Dalda Vanaspati has high levels crystalline fat at lower temperatures and low levels at higher temperatures. It has a sharp melting behaviour. More importantly, the level of crystalline fat being low at higher temperatures ensures easy cleaning of vessels.